1. Assistance in pre-landing preparation through branch office
  2. Pick-up at airport
  3. Assistance in customs clearing of personal effects
  4. Assistance in applying for S.I.N. card
  5. Assistance in applying for Permanent Resident Card
  6. Assistance in school enrollment for children
  7. Advice on matters regarding daily life.
  8. Assistance in applying for driving license, driving instructor referral
  9. Assistance in purchase and taking out vehicle insurance
  10. Assistance in taking out medical insurance (Medicare plan)
  11. Family doctor and specialists referral
  12. Provide information on property market, taxation analysis
  13. Assistance in home purchase
  14. Provide advice on local Taxation matters.
  15. Arrange for boarding for children of clients during their absence.
  16. Assistance in securing bank loans
  17. Assistance in setting up off-shore trust for legal tax savings
  18. Arrange for free consultation with chartered accountant
  19. Assistance in drawing up investment or financial management plans
  20. Assistance in purchase of furniture and household appliances
  21. Assistance in applying for water, power supplies, telephone and cable TV
  22. Provide assistance in job search techniques and locating job opportunities
  23. Assistance in setting up business
  24. Assistance in applying for social security benefits
  25. Arrange for legal advice
  26. Help fill out application forms for dependents
  27. Counseling on applying for citizenship
  28. Citizenship acquisition planning for frequent travelers
  29. Arrange for English Language training
  30. Assistance in establishing bank accounts
  31. Assistance in applying for credit cards
  32. Assistance in establishing a company
  33. Arrangement for pre-migration study tour in the country of interest

    * Conditions apply

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