Work Permit, PR, Business & Investor Visa

We arranged jobs abroad in many countries as per your profile. For those willing to migrate and settle down permanently, we arrange provincial nomination / state sponsorships and for those who do not have much education & English, we arrange Business or Investor’s PR / Green Card Visa if you show a huge amount of funds as security.

Stages of Migration Process

On Registration with us after initial free advise

  1. Review of your academic and work profile by us
  2. Qualification Evaluation by migrating country
  3. Skills Assessment by migrating country
  4. Sponsorship or job search application
  5. Interview by employer or the recruiter in case of work permit
  6. Interview by the State Authority in case of regional migration
  7. Work Place verification by the embassy officers in your country
  8. Request for Police Report / Medical Report for all family members
  9. Visa Approval if all above information is found correct

Checklist of the documents

  1. Your Curriculum Vitae with full contact details
  2. Birth Certificate or School Leaving Certificate for prime applicant, spouse and Children.
  3. Marriage certificate.
  4. Divorce certificate (if applicable).
  5. Seven passport size photographs for each person.
  6. Certified copies of passport of prime applicant, spouse and children (all 36 pages).
  7. Your Educational Qualification – Notarized or appostilled ( for Europe only ) copies of certificates of SSC, HSC, Graduation and Post graduation along with mark sheets.
  8. Experience letters from all employers of prime applicant and spouse ( if available ).
  9. English ability certificate (IELTS) of prime applicant, spouse and children above 16 years.
  10. Police Certificate of prime applicant, spouse and children above 17 years.
  11. Medical report from authorized doctor of prime applicant, spouse and children.
  12. Statement of funds available along with 6 months bank entries.

Those seeking Business or Investor’s Visa need to produce the following

  1. Net asset of the present business and household property ( CA Certificate )
  2. Valuation and title deed of the property if included in net assets.
  3. Balance sheet and profit & loss account of the present & past business.
  4. Last three years IT Return with tax paid receipts
  5. Your present business profile & plan of proposed business abroad
  6. Project Report prepared by recognized consultant of the country of interest
  7. Source of funds in case of Investor’s Green Card of US, Canada etc.

Note: Total guidance would be provided in documentation & your file will be handled by our business visa lawyer abroad. Exploratory Visit Visa can also be arranged for those interested to survey the settlement suitability or buy a running business abroad after registration and 50% payment of our service charges. Please rush your CV with all above information at or
call Dr. Misra at 09376110583

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