New Zealand

New Zealand consists of a group of islands, large and small, with a temperate climate. It's a world of interesting and unique flora and fauna, a land of snow capped peaks, sweeping plains, rolling farmland, spacious beaches, and friendly people. Located in the pacific ocean, it is about the size of Japan, yet inhabited by only a little more than 3.6 million people. New Zealand covers an area of about 269,000 square kilometres and has a coastline of about 16,000 kilometres. It is a short flight of about 2 hours across the Tasman Sea to Australia.

The New Zealand environment is largely unpolluted and the landscape is wonderfully varied with beaches, magnificent forests, volcanoes, mountains, glaciers and thermal springs. New Zealanders are proud of the country's "Clean Green " image.
The cost of living is relatively low in New Zealand - certainly lower than in the USA, Canada, Britain & Australia.

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